Nicole Langford

Did anyone ever tell you that you were different , weird , a little bit quirky and didn’t quite fit in .Well welcome to my world of who gives a shit what people think. If you weren’t born to fit in then why not the hell stand out .

Do you want to know my thoughts about how I think the most special kind of people are the ones who embrace exactly who they are .

Thats the shit that makes a difference in this world .

So with saying that I’m Nikki , yes quirky and a little be different. But as my mum always told me the best people are a little bit bonkers , “nicely “quoted from Alice in Wonderland book .

But if I’ve learnt anything in life it is to embrace the one of a kind person you are .

So I have a deep passion for words .

Which is kind of ironic as I’m Dyslexic and as much as words have always flowed easy in my heads it has not always been easy to make it work on paper.

Determination and passion has brought me to we’re I am today .

A writer that may not write like everyone else but that’s what makes me unique .

And without DREAMS , PASSION , DETERMINATION were would of Alice in Wonderland have been .

So I’m just a girl following her white rabbit.

Why not join me in the world of wonder in this. Beautiful world I call Wonderland.