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Be the girl who roots for other girls!!

Be “that girl “ …… who roots for other girls , tells a stranger her hair looks amazing, her style in on fleek and encourage other women to believe in

themselves and their dreams .

In a world we’re women are constantly comparing themselves to one another , I see this glimmer of light shining through of women who are not conforming to compete but instead they are women who support other women in themselves and there dreams .

I have found this amazing support system in other women, who instead of criticising what we do on instagram they are the ones cheering each other on , a gorgeous little cheer squad encouraging in everything you do .

There needs to be more women like this in the world, as they say “It takes a tribe to raise a baby “ and for most of these women I know there businesses, brand , products are there babies .

There’s know “l” in team and if you want to know a little secret well this is why I’m we’re I am today because I am one of those women who roots for other women to succeed because there is so much in watching someone grow and live there dreams.

So I know I say this ALL the time but your vibe attracts your tribe and PLEASE only follow people who inspire you, encourage you , the kind of woman who support other women because in life we need that cheer squad CHEERING us on to believe in ourselves and our dreams .

I seriously had so much fun photographing these beauty’s and not to mention the amazing space of @somedaycoffeeco

Perfect combo seriously amazing food and sensational company @elamazurcreative , @eloisesmith_va and @allyaide




You have to risk of little crazy in order to escape the gravitational pull of the ordinary.

Nikki xx



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