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Are you dreading 40 ?!

40 and loving life more than ever .

Bold sentence I know and don’t get my wrong I’ve had some kick ass good times in my life . And certainly some shit but do you know what, that’s what has made me who I am today . THE GOOD , THE BAD , THE UGLY . But I’ve LIVED and to have seen what I’ve seen that’s what has made me appreciative of living 40 years of my life .

It’s funny you know when you turn 40 it’s an open subject of “how you feeling about being 40 “…… like you Life is over , they look at you with these screwed up faces as tho it’s gross to turn 40 . And it’s funny because I was at a 40th a few weeks ago and it was the Top topic and because I have had an early birthday “January “ I’m one of the first of many friends to turn 40 .

So there like ,”what’s it like “???

Ok so my answer to them was pretty blunt , I did not know these women they were friends of my friend turning 40 . But I’ll tell you what I kinda remember what I said to them taking in the faked I was 3 cocktails in hehehe .

So there faces had that screwed up face of “SO WHATS IT LIKE “!

Well to be honours by the time you hit 40 you give less of a “shit” , you release you don’t have to be friends with everyone or be a people pleaser , you wear what the hell you want because age has no boundaries , it’s not about making others happy it’s about making you happy because the key to happiness starts with you . So do shit that makes you happy , make those bucket lists and tick them of . One girl says “BUCKET LIST “ your not dying , “I know I’m not dying “ but the truth is life is to short not to have a list of things you want to do in your life and tick of as many as you can . We get caught up in the ever day routine, “we forget to LIVE “ no matter how small how big there all significant to that meaning of HAPPINESS!! It’s that warm fuzzy feeling of I’ve always wanted to do that for ages and when you do get to tick it off , it tickles your insides with happiness.

So yes I’m 40 know and it’s just a number not a death sentence, YOU make it what it is and I make sure I surround myself with good people the ones who feed my soul the ones that don’t give a shit if my houses dirty , there not there for the house there their for you because they love you just the way you are , I be the best mum I know I can possibly be because there is no rule book on how to mother , you trust your gut instincts ,you tell them your always there for them no mater how bad it is and you love them completely with all your heart because they are a treasured gift only the lucky can have .

If your young or old and reading this Marry your best friend the man or women that understands you completely and loves you just the way you are false and all . Make sure they make you laugh, but also that there a shoulder you can cry on . I’m still madly in love with my husband even after 14 years , he still gives me butterflies inside . And don’t tell him but I still want to rip his clothes of nearly every time I see him I know ewwww ….. to much information but you get the gist , but I know he knows that because our passion for each other is only the lucky can have because his my soulmate the stuff movies are made of LOVE , PASSION, ROMANCE, DESIRE , and a little bit of FIRE .

The best advice I was given from someone older than me was keep moving say active just because people are telling you your old doesn’t mean you have to act it . Walk that ass off , Do that yoga it’s about MIND , BODY and SOUL . When the body is moving the mind is happy and when the mind is happy your soul sings which makes you glow with youth because really is there anything more beautiful than seeing a person who is truly HAPPY .

So my advice to you if your turning 40 WHO GIVES A SHIT !!

It’s time to embrace YOU and appreciate the special and beautiful person you are . It’s when you appreciate that god made just one of you ONE OF A KIND think

of your self as one of those old school Marvel Characters the ones that have been boxed up for ages and never been touched .

It’s time to LIVE and appreciate life for the gift it is , life to short .

And as my brother always said …..



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