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Table and taste

About five months ago I got a phone call from my friend Sharnee inviting me to a girls lunch . What I didn’t realise at the time was this lunch was going to change ever aspect of the way I look at food , how food you thought would never go together “would”!! How three different foods on a plate could make flavours pop and burst in your mouth and wait for this pair it with a certain wine and it literally blows your mind .

That day as we chatted giggled , ate , drank and drooled over the food she had cooked for us, she then told us about her new adventure she was heading into of Table and Taste . She explained that it was about a membership a lot like book club but instead of a book , it was menus of food that each month you would take turns of cooking a three course meal for everyone.

We all instantly said “we’re in “.

Hard to believe that was 5 months ago and know we all have our membership and groups of ladies we meet with each month.

But get this the idea has truly been snapped up by Australia and there are know over 50 membership of groups of women up to 12 in a group.

I literally could sit and chat with Sharnee for hours she’s the kind of person that makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside with her infectious smile and when she talks about food her face literally lights up . She makes you believe that anything is possible with her zest for life and passion for food . But what hits me to the core is she is so humble in what she does and I tell you what this girl is made for BIG things, she is up with the talents of Master Chef , so look out people for this name Sharnee Beard she’s about to make her mark on the world.

I tell you what tho , she makes you cook outside your comfort zone . Like bat shit crazy you think I can’t cook this and then BAM you serving up a dish that looks like it’s from a five star restaurant. Yep MIND BLOWN !!

Sharnee believes that we are all capable of cooking fabulous food at home

and I know with my experience she has truly put me out of my comfort zone and I’m forever grateful.

What are you waiting for ?Unleash your inner host .

Just think that one girls lunch changed my life , ok a bit dramatic . But it did make me tick of one from my Bucket list and that was to do a cooking class .

These pictures were taken by me whiles doing her Table & taste of Maylaysia .

My heart literally thumped with excitement of watching her in her glory and listened to many stories as she spoke about her passion for food , her travel in learn in-depth of creating flavours and being inspired as a child by the woman in her life .

And to me that the stuff I’m talking about PASSION , BELIEF and the beautiful way in which people pass on there creations of food . Past on through generations to generations.

Find your passion and making it powerful .

That’s how the unique people of this world are heard through PASSION.

Be Passionate Nikki .


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