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Paper planes

Like a paper plane is thrown and we’re it lands is the destination. And like life were the wind blows us is were we are meant to land . Life’s little purpose of listening to our gut and letting life lead us to what is meant to be . This gorgeous story told to me by the gorgeous Donna about leaving there upbeat funky Melbourne life and starting up in what seems like it’s untouched town on the coast of Mandurah in Western Australia , an adorable infectious little town were they want to show there daughter what a beach life style of kicking back and letting life take them in its cruise-ness and it country feels .

Even tho they have left Melbourne they didn’t leave there funky , quirky style behind.

Not only do they hold there own in there gorgeous stand out style of what I can only describe as very Melbourne, they have created this Store in Mandurah that reflects there beautiful infectious personalities and retro style .

Everything in there is so unique and has its stand out specialness much like the owners and I think that’s what I LOVE about it how they have made it reflect them in in such away that you know those kind of people who leave an imprint on your heart with there pure gorgeousness to be in there presents that is Paper Planes . So what a perfect combination two owners who have created a shop that is them but in a form of a shop . So if your ever in Mandurah do yourself a favour and pop in and say hi , I promise you will be blown away and even if it’s just to meet the owners they will leave an imprint on your heart .

“We always tell people that this shop is like if mine and Scott’s minds exploded all over the wall “ hahaha !

Scott has a dj/hip hop background hence all the hip hop books and records.

Donna the bubble machine, say no-more life without bubbles “PLEASE “ that is her bubbly personality tickling you on the face as you walk in the door .

Let your Paper Plane fly and see we’re it lands .

Life’s to short not to be yourself.

Love Nikki xx


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  1. Tanja says:

    Omg! What a cool, unique store! Great idea to give them a shoutout and you are the sweetest person walking our planet for sure! Love you doll

    • kombilife says:

      Nawwww your a darling and ALWAYS so kind and most definitely one of those unique souls xx

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