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40 is the new cool 

So I’m getting close to turning 39. Just an age maybe, but how weird is age like you’re meant to act a certain way at a certain age. I’m sure not letting myself fall into that trap – when you can’t wear that at your age. Don’t get me wrong, you want be seeing me in a mini, but I will make sure I keep my quirky style. Which got me thinking after talking to a friend the other day and she says you’re a cool mum, I kinda laugh and told her I’m a “fake cool” totally very uncool, total Dagwood when hanging out on the farm: ugg boots, thongs, trackpants, but don’t give up on me there – I do make an effort when I go out. In my head I still picture myself as a young farm girl in Target clothes dreaming to be like the Models in the Dolly magazines… I would work in the shearing shed with my dad just to buy a cool outfit, which I have to giggle at now because to this day I still save up money to buy those special little outfits or pieces for those special moments when I do leave the farm and get out on the town lol. The big city of Wheatbelt with an IGA, cafe, newsagent, post office, pub etc you get the gist. I totally hang out for our trips to Perth!
So back to the cool mum thing mmnnn how hard is it to pull off the cool mum? There are people who don’t even try and they’re just naturally cool, totally just own a room when they walk into it and they just have presence. My little mini is like that, just owns a room as soon as he walks in with his charm like a mini James Bond. Dressing as the young mum of a teen ain’t that easy. I really have to watch what I wear in front of his mates. TEEN boys eeeekkkkk! Seriously we’re old why check us out? Thank goodness for my Miss Tween, she helps me out with my style and she all about the truth. Then for my Mr Mini natural cool, I’m the old mum. Ahh try to keep that happy medium but yet keeping to my gypsy soul he will always tell me I look beautiful. Thankfully with age I think I’ve found my style. So I may not be a natural COOL and I’m sure not giving into the age thing, I can see myself at 50 and still wearing my cons. I think I’m always going to be one of those mums that never blends in and as I get older I’m okay with that. I’m embracing getting older but I’m not letting it define me. I’m totally into sharing my secrets of keeping young. Being mum to two older kids (13 and 11) I’m the ‘young mum’ and then to the little one (five years) I’m the ‘older mum’. So to different rolls on keeping up with the times, so even if you’re the older mum or the younger mum remember you are your own kind of COOL. Don’t let age define you. 40 maybe the new cool, I maybe the fake cool, but I’ll be faking it until I make it.

Nic xx


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  1. Chloe says:

    Such and awesome and and natural cool mom Nic!
    So straight forward, honest and just raw!!! So happy to call u my friend xxx

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