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Bucket List

Bucket List

The meaning “before you kick the bucket ” yes mean I know right who wants to talk about kicking the bucket ,but this movie myself and my daughter watched the other night and one of my fav movies. The truth is I loved what my daughter came away learning with watching it . For those who haven’t watch it,short version is its about two elderly men who find out they have a year to live and write a bucket list and in bark on a crazy adventure.

When I first watched this movie I thought what a great idea to write a bucket list of things you want to do in your life big or small not because ” I’m kicking the bucket” but because really life is to short and you never know what’s around the corner , my brother only lived 19 years of his life but he lived by the quote ” live life to the fullest , so when I found my daughter writing her bucket list I thought how much I see of me in her, she’s a dreamer and a believer that anything is possible.

My List
1. Take a selfie with a whale shark
2. Fly fishing in Canada
3. Go on the Ellen show
4. Moon light dinner while glamping under the stars with music playing and dancing in the sand by the sea side
5. Bathing in a hot Spring then running in to the snow to make a snow angel .

Daughter List
1. Swim with Turtles and watch turtles hatch.
2. Make a snow man.
3. Have magical party in a white teepee tent decorated like something out of a movie , with one of those amazing two story macaroons and marshmallow cakes.
4. Meet Annie Leblanc of Bataly spend the day in Texas with her and she teaches me how to do a press handstand
5. Witness something amazing.
My beautiful mum didn’t have time to make her bucket list happen when leukaemia took hold of her , but one thing on her list was for me to find a long lost best friend and I don’t know how I did but by some miracle I did , she came straight away and played the Beach Boys which many a nights I remember us dance and sing at the top of our voices to , my mum passed away two days after her visit but the vision of the  smile on her face when she heard her best friends Julie’s voice will live on in my heart always.

Catch those moments while you can , bottle that magic , be in the moment, enjoy the moment while it last we may not be here for a long time but god dam we sure are here for a good time .

Make that bucket list …..mine is more than just 5 and have already been able to cross out some ….Believe anything is possible!!


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  1. Julia says:

    Aww love both your lists!! Hope you get the time to do them ❤️

  2. Jacq says:

    Such an awesome blog throughly enjoyed reading it

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